Our Vision

To be an Anguillian center of excellence in insurance and other products and services locally, regionally and internationally.

Our Mission

To provide a comprehensive range of insurance and other products that meet the needs of and delight our customers through skilled and dedicated staff inspired by an enterprising board and management in the interest of our shareholders.

Origins and Development of MAICO

The year is 1978. It is two years after Anguilla received its first ministerial constitution in 1976 and two years before its constitutional separation from St. Kitts and Nevis in December 1980. A group of young Anguillians establish the Malliouhana Development Cooperative Society Limited (MDCS), “The Coop” for the promotion of small businesses. The Coop considers setting up ventures that require limited capital, one such an insurance agency. At the time, motor vehicle insurance is provided by Anguilla Mutual Assurance Company, mainly to Third Party Act Only. J. N. Gumbs Agency representing Lloyds of London provides motor vehicle and property insurance coverage. There is no life insurance agent resident in Anguilla. Holders of life insurance policies and those desirous of purchasing life insurance are serviced by visiting agents and by correspondence. The Coop decides to go forward with the insurance agency. The vision is to grow the agency to the point where it would be feasible to establish a modern competitive Anguillian owned insurance company on the agency’s foundation. A ten year period was envisaged in which the agency should have grown sufficiently to make it feasible to set up an insurance company.

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