The Auto Insurance Policy

The demands made on today’s motorist are very exacting. The Malliouhana-Anico Insurance Motor policy has been designed to provide the security, peace of mind and service which you as our insured expects.
The Malliouhana-Anico Insurance Co. Ltd. Motor policy is an easy to understand document which offers a number of important features and benefits.In addition to the standard Third Party, Third Party Fire & Theft and Comprehensive covers, Malliouhana-Anico Insurance Co. Ltd. Insurance Motor Policyholders will benefit from: 1. An increased limit to EC$500 for authorization of minor repairs. 2. Replacement of insured vehicle by a new motor car of the same manufacturer and model, in the event of its loss by theft or damage by accident occurring within the first twelve months of its registration as new and the cost of repair, exceeds 60% of its replacement value 3. Up to 60%, No Claim Discount after 6 claims free years Private Car Comprehensive motor Policyholders will also benefit from: 1. Up to EC$10,000, Personal Accident cover to the insured and spouse; 2. Up to EC$1,000 cover for rugs clothing and personal effects; 3. No reduction in the no claims discounts in the case of windscreen and window damage

Ways to Reduce your Premium

As a valued Malliouhana-Anico Insurance Policyholder you may take advantage of the following discount to reduce your Motor Insurance premium: 1. 10% discount for the Insured as the only driver 2. 7.5% discount for the Insured and Spouse as the only drivers 3. 10% discount for more than one vehicle 4. 10% to 20% discount should you increase the deductible 5. 10% discounts when taking out a Home Insurance Policy with Malliouhana-Anico Insurance Company Ltd.

Optional Expenses

The Comprehensive Motor Policy may be extended for a small additional premium with the following optional covers: 1. Increase in medical expenses cover 2. Increase in the loss of use cover 3. Car entertainment equipment (if not factory installed) 4. Protected No Claims Discount 5. Special perils extension 6. Cover for Strikes, Riots, and Civil Commotion 7. Loss of use8. Personal Accident9. Cabin glass coverage
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