Need help when making a motor claim?


If you are involved in an accident with someone, it is always a good idea to exchange details. Information should include your name, contact number, registration number, insurance company, contact the police station immediately, and remember to record the police officer’s name and badge number.

Contact MAICO’s Claims Department immediately after calling the police.

This should be followed up by visiting the office to make a comprehensive report on the accident. Please note that the insured and driver (if different) must be present when formally making the report.Name(s) and information of any witnesses should be logged in the event their support is needed in the future.

The vehicle should be taken to your mechanic as soon as possible in order to obtain an estimate of the damages. The estimate should be brought to us as soon as possible. While on the scene of the accident:NEVER accept liability even if you think you are at fault.

Talk to your insurance company first. Do not suggest to a third party that they will automatically receive compensation. An Adjuster will be assigned to your claim and will determine the amount of damage in relation to the accident

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